Residence Lyon (2) - Los Angeles

Originally, the Lyons family hired Style de Vie to design and furnish their first home during the transition from London. It's their permanent home and a fabulous project - that's why we've chosen to present it here for you. The home is a classic listed historic Los Angeles / Hollywood mansion. Mr Lyons with whom Jean-Christophe Hryb worked closely on the project, brought some of his favorite pieces from his British property and we added to them by turning this "old classic" into a modern and vintage upscale home infused. The setting of Hollywood Hills, the beautiful historic features of the property, the vintage collectibles mixed with contemporary designs and custom furnishings from Style de Vie, in addition to JC and the impeccable taste of Lyon made this project a work of art. living art.

Note: the dining table is a real ping-pong table by official standards! It overlooks a view of Soho NYC, photographed by Nick Lyons during his travels. Jc had wallpaper made from the photo and installed it in the wall panels, making it look like you are looking at Soho through the window of the Los Angeles dining room!

Ms. G - Palm Springs, CA

Ms. G had a house to renovate a Palm Springs for years. Owner of a Casino in Los Angeles with which Style de Vie worked - Ms. G delighted with the commercial performance asked Jean-Christophe Hryb to take care of her_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_résidence secondaire dans le cœur du désert Californien.  Re-faite au style de l'endroit et the period 50's 60's  which marks the expansion of the Vintage Modern city favored by Angelinos who want to escape from the Metropolis in 2 short hours-without traffic jams ...

 Residence Gorman - Provence

The Gormans wanted to modernize the design of their residence while leaving it relatively traditional. The project had begun to be discussed and designated in Season - summer - and Jean-Christophe Hryb and his team finished it for the holidays. A nice mix of traditional, modern using raw woods for regional reference.

Farnham Residence - Brentwood, CA

Mr and Mrs Farnham wanted to modernize and use fashionable materials: steel and raw wood - but in a modern way.

Style de Vie designed and manufactured all the bespoke furniture: the bar, the sliding door, the coffee tables, the window bench, the steel door...the result is elegant and unusual. .

Note: The sliding door design is a photo of Mrs. Farnham's horse!

Jeanette F Residence - Delray Beach, FL

Mrs. F invested in this Penthouse apartment and wanted a chic but beachy look... We gave her exactly what she wanted and the property was sold for $4.5M more than the purchase...double that. ..
Quality materials and furniture, the investment was considerable but the result justifies it. A rather minimalist space, to let the beauty of the materials stand out, and not to distract from the fantastic view and transfer the feeling of space that the Penthouse offers and bring the outside inside and make the two a space in symbiosis.

Mr. W. - Costa Rica

Mr. W was looking for a modern but country-like look, with a minimalist and spacious interior. Jean-Christophe Hryb provided it, with pops of color to modernize and brighten it all up!

Note: The table was made locally with tree  (ill) from the property.


Residence Langlois - Provence

The Langlois wanted a Makeover, but rather traditional to stay in tune with the region. We did a minimum by using a good number of their existing furniture  at the time of the move, for a simple but  warm space.


Mr. George - Delray Beach, FL

Mr. George invested in this medium sized second home... but he wanted a spacious and open living space. So we eliminated a few walls and only kept half between the living room and the master bedroom. This approach allowed us to give it a large and very open space, incorporating exterior and interior...

Hartan Residence - Palm Springs

The Hartans wanted a modern interior but in continuity with the "50's modern" architecture for which Palm Springs is world famous. The kitchen has been completely redone, custom elements designed, manufactured and installed by Style de Vie, and Jean - Christophe Hryb went to visit his favorite "50's modern" furniture dealers to add an original vintage note for which he is world famous.

Note: the sofa after NYC designer Vladimir Kagan was custom made by Style de Vie.


Adam Fleischman - Hollywood, CA

Adam Fleischman,  Renowned American chef - notably owner of the international chain "Umami Burger" (h ttps:// }  - turned to Style de Vie   to create his personal space in Hollywood, and marry the modern minimalist and the soul brought by vintage elements for which  JC Hryb is internationally recognized.The result is a spacious loft, "clean", but with unique and original pieces.

Note: the lounge chair is original from a 1940s psychology firm, the bar is a recycled machine base from an abandoned factory in Los Angeles.


Andy Berman - Los Feliz, CA