-since 1995-


Jean-Christophe Hryb has scoured the markets of flea collectors from St Ouen aParis to the Rosebowl in Pasadena since 1979.

Always on the lookout for new concepts in overcycling and product development for its own stores and international customers. His companies Style de Vie and Twenty Gauge have generated tens of millions of Euros in revenue over the years while honing Jean-Christophe Hryb's Eye and Sense of Design.

Considered as innovators of vintage design in Los Angeles and the USA, we are particularly recognized for our expertise in the design of sourcing, restoration and over-cycling of vintage elements. This thanks to our relations with our relations with the large (and smaller) E Collectors in Europe and the USA. Style de Vie has mastered the alchemy of restoration through special techniques developed over decades to preserve the integrity of each piece. Our special collection of reclaimed elements and materials inform our contemporary aesthetic.

There is that twenty years Twenty Gauge - now the Vintage Division Lifestyle - introduced the steel lockers now universally known in the fitness industry Ameublemet as sr found in major stores Decor industry giants like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, IKEA and many more. Twenty Gauge , always a leader in visionary design, has brought factory amenities to your living room, military blankets as a trendy and durable upholstery option to your favorite dining chairs, industrial butcher blocks to your kitchen and a basket locker toy storage unit in "Little Johnny's bedroom!"

In addition to our own collection we can source and / or over-cycle to meet your needs: Art, furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. etc ...   tap .


Since 1993, Style de Vie has been a trusted design resource for architects, professionals in the design industry, as well as creative individuals, Los Angeles Stars in New York (actors, directors, designers, conductors, musicians). , etc ...), and various business owners.

Jean-Christophe Hryb carries out some initial projects, specializing in the Vintage Industrial style  Modern for  which he  is  now recognized as the specialist and pioneer at the National level and International Influencer,  - including a Trophe for best Over-cycler by Home Magazine USA.

The Interior Architecture division begins and grows  quickly and with a team  of 6  Designers. 
Style de Vie tackles the achievement of dozens of
  projects  residential and commercial for individuals, Hollywood Stars, restaurants of Chefs  celebrated (such as Adam Fleischman  known for its Umami Burhger chain)  etc ...

To note: concept and execution of a fast food franchise, DogHaus  in 2011, (chain with 130 rentals currently opening nationwide).

Also: the design  of  stores for Christian Audigier  especially  famous for its ED Hardy line. the


At Style de Vie, we are committed to providing solutions that are both aesthetic and functional. We're here to help make your project easier from start to finish. We work closely with our clients to provide artistic direction while maintaining their unique vision Style de Vie will guide you through the design, fabrication and installation process.

The creation of our own companies, and their development at national and international level with CAs. multi-millionaires increasing year after year during very difficult economic and social times, is the best proof of our creativity, tenacity and ability to manage your projects.

Having already made most of the mistakes to be made over the years ( related to inexperience - to our account of course) we

are able to execute a project quickly and on budget. We are familiar with all materials as well as dimensions and principles of construction from a building to a piece of furniture.

Juggling our own workshop, stores, distribution (10 shows per year in the USA), and finally an interior design division

with a minimum of a half dozen projects at once, we have the experience necessary to lead teams in unison.

Communication with our customers is essential for us because above all we execute   your project.  

We must assist and facilitate the design and construction / realization of the project but the result must reflect your vision, dreams and soul ... social networks

* Establishment and development of Import / Export when appropriate.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We can guide you for the whole development or just one step .


Our participation in the circuit of major furniture fairs in the USA - invited twice a year in the jurors sections - (SF, NYC, Atlanta, LA, High Point) has always pushed us to re-invent ourselves in order to stay ahead care in an increasingly competitive industry.

The development of our own lines of furniture, art and frames - as well as the multitude of unique pieces created, designed, and manufactured for our clients and their projects - has rapidly refined our knowledge of materials and the design and / or construction of a entire furniture, residence, offices, store or restaurant.

When required, we will provide you with 3D plans illustrating the design and materials used.


Our International business experience of 30+ years creating and developing products, companies, product lines for our customers and ourselves is extensive. Our experience   being both vertical and horizontal allows us to advise you from the creation of a product to the entire structure of your company . going from a business plan ultimately to a marketing, promotion and sales strategy .

Among others:

* Business plan development

* Legal and physical establishment of the Company

* Creation and development of product (s) or product lines

* Marketing plan

* Promotion and sales plan

* Design and development of your website and your social network

* Establishment and development of Import / Export when appropriate.

We can guide you for the whole development or just one step .

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